Empower the people
behind your products

is direct, transparent tipping
from consumers to producers

safe by design

Your tips are sent directy to the mobile phone of producers.
No middlemen means
maximum safety.

transparent by default

Where does my tip go?
Look for yourself: Simply trace your tip by its unique ID and see
your social impact on producers.

human to human

Get to know the people behind your product. Use tip me to 
thank them with a small, but powerful gesture.

The simplicity of Tip Me

Three steps towards a more caring world

1. Shop at fair retailers worldwide and simply add your tip during checkout.

2. Track your tips and learn about the people who made your product.

3. Get notified when producers received your tip.

Why Tip me?

It’s a win-win-win


tip me creates fairness between customers and producers with global tips. You can give your tip directly to the people who made your product in a transparent convenient way.
Together, we can enhance the life conditions of farmers and manufacturers by increasing their wages.

Retailers & Brands

Inspire your customers with a new, innovative way of achieving fairness in the world! We want to provide you with authentic, ethical marketing that strengthens your brands reputation and customer loyalty. Double your social impact and let your customers feel the benefits.

Partners & Investors

Innovation shouldn’t just be for hotel businesses or ridesharing. With fresh ideas and the most up to date technology, we have the power to work together to make global supply changes transparent, ethical and fair.

what people say about tip me

The idea is great, because it can create a little more justice in the global economy. And they not only have a good idea, but also they know, how to make it become reality.

Sebastian, ze.tt

I think it would be great if the tip supports existing cooperatives to empower the people to work in a self-determined way.

Thomas, Social Impact

We think the global tip is a great idea, because it´s a giant step in the direction of a fairer world. And because the money actually goes to the people it belongs to.

Anna & Jana, CEOs Tandemploy

together for better

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a globalization based on empathy, transparency and fairness. We believe, if consumers and producers meet, this is the first step for change.

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