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Show your gratitude to the seamstresses who make your SNOCKS products.

Sidra, Kiran, and Shakeela are among those ensuring your comfort and style. Now, you can express your appreciation directly with a tip.

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Just as you tip in a restaurant, you can now tip the seamstresses of your SNOCKS products directly and digitally. tip me ensures your contribution reaches each individual 100%. Together, we can provide extra income and help improve living conditions for factory workers and their families.

P.S.: SNOCKS doubles your tip.

Snocks takes responsibility

Our products are made in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Sri Lanka. Production sites are regularly audited by amfori BSCI or similar social standards by external auditors. Almost all of our production sites are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which requires compliance with social and ecological standards and guidelines.

We rely on long-term partnerships and work with our manufacturers to continuously improve the working and living conditions of the employees.

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Snocks works towards more transparency

Our Supplier Environment & Sustainable Report helps us better understand the wishes and challenges of the factories.
Our membership in the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles helps us identify risks in the supply chain and take remedial action. Our homework: In the future, we want to be even more transparent and give you more insights into the factories. We also take the issue of living wages seriously and want to make a change. Unfortunately, this cannot be done overnight.

Therefore, we have started working with tip me to show appreciation to the seamstresses now.

P.S.: We at SNOCKS double your tip.

SNOCKS & tip me

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A cheer for our team in Pakistan!


With your tip, Kiran repays her parents' loan and dreams of building a family home.


Shakeela uses tips to support her siblings' education.


Sidra helps her father cover family expenses with your tips.


Nazia uses her tips for family expenses.

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