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Vegan, Fairtrade shoes from Pakistan. Each step is a statement.

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Dawn denim

The only brand ever to get 100/100 points from Fair Wear Foundation.

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bayti hier

Syria meets Europe: our friend Mohammed combines Arabic & European fashion.

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kipepeo clothing

From Nairobi with love. T-shirts, hoodies & masks with Kenyan patterns.

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Ethical sneakers from natural rubber. Only available in Australia.

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An advent calendar packed by hand & full of innovative, sustainable products.

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How we choose our partner brands

All brands that want to join us have to fulfill tip me's membership criteria before and after they become a member.

We check if the criteria are met through: (i) direct contact with workers via WhatsApp & Co. and complaint forms, (ii) certification bodies and (iii) diligence materials from brands and factories.

Our requirements are compliant with the ILO working standards: no child labor, no forced labor, no discrimination, safe, working conditions , decent wages, right to unionize, motivation to work towards a more fair and sustainable industry.

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