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Garment workers from DAWN.

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Everybody wants to increase revenue, customer loyalty and get new customers.
With tip me you get all of it by creating social impact for your workers. Because the experience and the social impact of tip me inspires customers to come and stay with our partner brands.

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Standing out of the noise

"Sustainability & transparency have become buzzwords. With tip me's direct connection to workers, the truly fair brands stand out.

More brands and factories should join in!"

Marian von Rappard, Owner Dawn Denim

Outstading Branding

"The brand improvement is simply outstanding. Our products become much more human and are remembered by our customers.
Introducing tip me was done in a the blink of an eye."

Marc Ernst, Project Manager at bayti hier

Communicate your values

"tip me is a central building block for communicating our values. Our brand has always been a pioneer in ethical production. tip me was the next logical step."

Marc Solterbeck, CEO ethletic


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Fair brand, show to the world your ethics. With tip me you will have more than consumers, you will have fans!

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