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Sajida makes shoes for ethletic in Pakistan

How does tip me work?

100% of your tips are sent directly to the bank accounts of individual  workers. Find out how.

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Directly to workers

We register every single worker and split the tips amongst all who contributed to the production process. Each worker receives their share directly on their individual bank or mobile money account.
Via WhatsApp & co. we're in direct contact to make sure everyone received their money.


Is tip me a non-profit organisation?
Yes! Since 2023 tip me has gained the non profit status. Since the beginning, tip me makes sure 100% of the tips are distributed. This means that to cover our own costs, we need the support of our partner brands, which pay a monthly fee and/or commission (depending on size and ability) to keep the project up and running. Like this, everyone does their share.
How exactly are tips distributed?
Together with the workers and factory personell we decide on the local distribution and participation criteria. Usually every worker gets an equal share for the months they have been employed.
How do you ensure the tips actually arrive the workers?
tips are directly sent to the individual bank / mobile money accounts of each farmer or garment worker. We are directly connected to them via WhatsApp & Co and there is a complaint process for problems or irregularities related to the global tip.
Who decides what tips are spent on?
Every worker is a unique person. We believe the people on the ground know best what they need. The workers themselves can choose freely if they want to fix their motorbike, pay the school fees for their children or buy food for their family.
What is tip me's vision?
Our mission is to spread gratitude. To say thank you to the hard working people who gift us with a cup of coffee in the morning, warm clothes to wear or shoes to go hiking. All this is a gift that we way too often take for granted. By connecting consumers with producers, we can say thank you and furthermore help to reduce global inequalities. Because we believe every human being should have their basic needs covered. We want to help workers around the globe to become more visible and to enhance their living conditions. And we want consumers to be aware of their impact and to value and enjoy their products even more.