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Amaze your customers by being the first mover into a new generation of fairness. We provide you with an authentic marketing opportunity, that strengthens your brand and increases customer loyalty – by fairness.

Our service is a unique selling point way beyond any label out there: together we can increase the salary of your producers. 

The social cooperation

A simple solution that customers remember


Together we can increase the salary of your producers and therefore your social impact. We create a shopping experience that customers will remember.


Our research shows, that customers are willing to give around 30 ct. tip for the good feeling of making a change.  


Living wages are an emotional topic in global media. Take advantage of fueling your brand experience with emotional value.

Prerequirement: direct trade

Trust, personal relationships and fair working conditions are the starting point for our service.
Therefore we can only partner with companies doing direct trade, meaning they know their suppliers personally. In this way we make sure that everything is actually fair.

 You don’t do direct trade? We are working on a solution with various partners. Feel free to join our newsletter and be the first to find out.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a globalization based on empathy, transparency and fairness. We believe, if consumers and producers meet, this is the first step for change.

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