You are running an online-shop?

And you want customers to fall in love with it?

Amaze your customers by being the first mover into a new generation of fairness. We want to give you authentic and one of a kind marketing, that makes your competition go jealous.
With a small and simple Plug-in tip me provides you a unique selling point way beyond any label out there: together we can double the salary of your producers. And let your customers know that you care.

The social cooperation

A simple solution that customers remember

Survival of the fairest!
We, as tip me, have a clear mission: provide a unique selling point to direct trade online-shops:
through authentic marketing, branding as a first mover and a huge social impact.


Together we can double the salary of your producers and there for your social impact. We create a shopping experience that customers remember. Because we believe there is no better marketing that happy customers.


Our research shows, that customers give around 30 ct. per product. Because we all love being part of something bigger. Especially if 100% go, where they belong.


It take four simple lines of code to integrate our plug-in into your online-shop. It takes around 15 minutes and of course, we are glad to help you.


We, as an innovative social start-up, get a lot of media coverage. And we would be happy to show what we have accomplished together with our partners. So if you feel like getting some branding as a pioneer of fairness 2.0, tip me is the perfect fit.

Prerequirement: direct trade

tip me is in the prototype-phase so far. Therefore we can only partner with companies doing direct trade, meaning they know their suppliers personally. This way we can find out, together with you and your partners, where the global tip is needed most.
You can use tip me for a small, monthly fee.

You don´t do direct trade? No problem! We are working on a solution with various partners. Feel free to join our newsletter and be the first to find out.

Be a pioneer of fairness 2.0!

You want authentic marketing, branding as a innovator and an immense social impact?
Then tip me is just perfect for you!

With direct trade companies we can start today!
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You don´t do direct trade, but still want to install tip me?
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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a globalization based on empathy, transparency and fairness. We believe, if consumers and producers meet, this is the first step for change.