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What is tip me?

tip me is the first social enterprise worldwide to implement a global tip. Combining an ancient tradition with the technologies of today, we give consumers the possibility to tip the producers of their products. In doing so, we help the workers to pursue their goals and dreams and combat global inequalities.

Who benefits from the tips?

The tip goes directly and with 100 % to the people behind your product, therefore to farmers, factory workers and employees around the world. This extra money improves their monthly income significantly and improves the living conditions of themselves, their families and communities. Your tip therefore has a direct and positive impact.

How does tip me ensure that 100 % of the money reaches the producers?

tip me gives consumers the opportunity to thank producers by paying them a tip. Companies pay for the tipping system, because it gives their products a personal touch and improves their reputation. tip me uses this money for its own financing. This is how we can ensure that 100 % of your tip reaches the workers.

How is tip me financed?

tip me is financed by companies who pay a monthly fee for offering the tipping system to their customers. Apart from that that, investments, donations and awards help us to pay our expenditures.

Why are tips different from donations?

We are convinced that tips and donations are very different. Donations are well intentioned but entail a certain hierarchy. There is always a person who donates and person receiving aid.

Tipping, in contrast, entails recognition and gratitude for the work that has been done. Tipping can make a lasting difference because it is done at eye level and appreciates people and their work.

Don't you embellish exploitation instead of solving the problem?

Supply chains are very complex and interdependent. Therefore making a positive change is not easy. We focus our strategy on two main policies: 
1. Creating global empathy
Your consumption affects other people directly. We believe that customers will make better decisions when they get a glimpse of the people involved in the products they buy.
2. Create best practices
With tip me we want to show that fair and transparent supply chains are possible. By creating best practices we are working on raising industry standards on wages and working conditions to do our part on resolving exploitation.

FAQ Online Shops

As a company, what are my advantages?

Nowadays there is a variety of labels and certificates. Their impact and conditions often remain untransparent and unclear to consumers. With tip me, you can give your customers the unique opportunity to demonstrate their gratitude towards the producers of their product, by sending them a tip. This gives your products further visibility and stays in the memory of your customers. Further, we are happy to communicate your impact in our network and via our media channels.

What are the requirements to integrate the tipping system into my shop?

The requirements are that you do direct trade. This means that you know your producers. This is important, because we need to register all workers individually in order to send the tips abroad.

Currently, we are working with various partners on a blockchain solution that will make cooperation possible even if you don’t know your producers personally. This, however, will still take some time to be developed. If you want to stay up to date with our developments, please feel free to reach out to us.

How can I install the tipping system for my online shop?

To enable an easy installation, we deliberately keep our solution simple and clean. We provide a small ad-on to your existing check-out process presenting your producers and the positive impact the tip of customers will have on them. Later your customers can tip the producers conveniently.

Is the software free of charge?

The software is not free of charge, because we want to ensure that 100% of the tips reaches the producers. The price for the software is calculated depending on your business turnover. Important to consider is however, that you don’t pay for the tipping system, but rather for the fact that the global tip gives you an unique selling point and opportunity to make the world a better place.

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Our mission is to offer solutions for fair products. We want to enhance transparency and accountability in supply chains and support consumers in making informed and sustainable decisions. To achieve this, we use the digital possibilities of our time.