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As the only Fair Wear brand with a 100/100 fairness score, DAWN is always setting an example of how fair fashion can look like. Their jeans are being produced in their own factory based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Fair wages and sustainability are besides massages and free canteen food the norm. We are proud to start our cooperation with DAWN in March 2020 and to collect tips for their factory personnel. Related to the Corona virus, it will be our first project with a remote worker registration.


receive tips and can invest in themselves, their families and in their dreams

346 beneficiaries

In an average vietnamese household live 3.8 people

1.930 €

collected online since April 2020

Last updated: September, 2020

27 %
give tips

in DAWN’s online shop

Last updated: July 21, 2020

The Solution

tip me works for a world in which fair products are taken for granted. tip me establishes an easy and convenient way to tip the people who make our products. While shopping online at ethletic.de, people can now add with one click a small tip to their shopping cart and support the producers of their sneakers in Pakistan.

How does it work?

tip me receives all the tips that people have been given online and hands it on to the people in Pakistan. How does this work? We register all the workers with their phone number, ID card and if in place, their individual bank accounts.

In cases where the workers do not have bank accounts, we transfer 100 % of the money via Mobile Money directly to their SIM card. Cash Pickup can be done at a local kiosk or bank. To avoid conflicts, the tips are distributed equally between all the workers involved in the production process. 

How do we finance ourselves?

We can transfer 100 % of the tip, because we can cover our own costs through the partner companies that profit from positive marketing and also do their share for a better tomorrow.


Support workers in realizing their goals

At DAWN’s online shop you can now send Thi Doanh and her team of 90 other sewers in Saigon, Vietnam a global tip.

With the tip she wants to save for a house. She works since 8 years for DAWN and has two children


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