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and stay in your customer’s memory 

Our easy to integrate Software for online shops gives your customers a unique opportunity to emotionally connect with your product and your producers. We generate authentic and human marketing material & stories and customers won’t forget. This increases customer loyalty und brand value.

Fairness produces enthusiasm

The numbers speak for themselves


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Make your customers fall in love

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more referrals by your customers

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What our partners think about us

„implementing tip me caused no additional work for us at all. It strengthens our USP and makes our products so much more human and emotional.“

10/10 points

– Marc Ernst, project manager at bayti hier


Our solution for your company

In three steps, the global tip for your workers

1. Integration

With 12 lines of code we can integrate our Plug-in into your online shop. Our tipping system is available for all common e-commerce plattforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Lightspeed or Magento. The integration can be done by us and requires only a couple of hours.

2. Registration

Through our mobile money infrastructure, we can ensure that the global tip reaches every worker in a direct & secure manner. We rgister all workers individually with their name, ID card and mobile number. They receive the tips via SMS or bank transaction on their phone.

3. Marketing CampaiGn

Behind every product there is a story. Our task is to tell these stories. We give products an emotional value by showing the workers who made them. Together we can improve the living conditions of workers and their families.

Together we can start a unique CSR campaign. We are happy to show you our use cases and the possibilities for your company.

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Jonathan Funke

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Our mission is to offer solutions for fair products. We want to enhance transparency and accountability in supply chains and support consumers in making informed and sustainable decisions. To achieve this, we use the digital possibilities of our time.