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The brand Kipepeo stands for textiles that entail motives drawn by school children. The label was created in 2008 as a project to support educational projects and to additionally strengthen the workers in the production sites in Kenya and Tanzania.The garments are made of organic cotton and are manufactured by Kiboko in Kenya, which is a WFTO certified factory. In addition to fair wages, the Kibo Fund saves money to support their workers. This has allowed workers to build houses, pay school fees for the children, or even to start their own businesses with employees. Through tip me, this impact will be multiplied as the workers will receive additional support.


receive tips and can invest in themselves, their families and in their dreams

94 beneficiaries

In an average Kenyan household live 3.9 people

1.031 €

collected online since November 2020

Last updated: 30th March 2021

61 %
give tips

in Kipepeo’s online shop

The Solution

tip me works for a world where fair products are a given. We want to offer people a simple solution to do good in their everyday life. Therefore, while shopping online at kipepeo, you can now send a tip around the globe, to support their producers in Kenya.

How does it work?

Since the producers often do not have their own bank accounts and mobile money is much more popular, the money is sent directly via mobile money to the sim card of the workers. The money can be collected in cash at a kiosk or a local bank or can be used to pay bills or to send the money to the family. In order to avoid conflicts, the tips are distributed fairly among all workers of the production site.

How do we finance ourselves?

tip me is able to transfer 100% of the tips because we are financed by the partner companies who benefit from the positive marketing and also contribute to a fair world.


Support workers in realizing their goals

In Kipepeo’s online shop you can now send Joseph and his team in Nairobi, Kenia a global tip.

With the tip he wants to pay for shool fees.


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