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Send a thank-you to the people behind your product.

There are thousands of NGOS and labels, but how do I know where my money is going? Tip Me creates fairness between customers and producers with global tips. You can give your tip directly to the people who made your product, and they will receive 100% of that tip. Together, we can double the wages of farmers and manufacturers, and you can see how and where your money is making a difference.

How can I give global tips?

Every purchase is a step in the direction of fair, transparent and ethical globalisation.

Soon you will be able to give tips in all of our partner shops – we’re currently in contact with a variety of retailers.
Our first partner is the fair trade shoe manufacturer ETHLETIC – soon you’ll be able to give a global tip with your ETHLETIC purchase.
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Is your favourite shop missing from our list?

Then let’s change that together. Which of your favourite retailers do you want to see integrating Tip Me into their online shops?

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Our Mission

Our goal is to create a globalization based on empathy, transparency and fairness. We believe, if consumers and producers meet, this is the first step for change.

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