Fair trade is made of sharing.

We truly believe a fair globalization is possible. But to achieve this,
it is not enough to only  preach to the customer. To really make a change,
we have to give them the option of actually making a difference:
we combine the ancient tradition with the technologies we have today.
We upgrade tip for a waiter we know in our daily lives to the global tip.

Our values


We want to show our respect to the producers and empower them to reach their goals and dreams. Because we firmly believe that it is not our task to tell anybody what to do. But to support them on their own journey.

Eco & Fair

Our mission is to create both a fair salary and a new way of consumption. We make the people and the story behind your product visible. By doing so consumers can rethink the journey every product has to make and buy in way that is good for the producers and the planet.


There is nothing more beautiful than noticing your positive impact on this world. And that´s why we want to show you exactly what difference you make with your global tip.

We work transparent by default and use the newest technology to make you feel the change.

“I believe, if we rethink some assumptions, if we have the courage to embrace new ideas and if we revive ancient traditions, this can be the most beautiful century in human history. And more importantly, not it’s last.”

Jonathan Funke

Watch tip me’s TEDxTalk!

Join our founder, Jonathan Funke, on his journey from a feeling to an idea to a social enterprise. In just 12 minutes he shows how much progress we can make towards fairness and equality in this century.

together for better

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a globalization based on empathy, transparency and fairness. We believe, if consumers and producers meet, this is the first step for change.

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