What makes a social impact campaign stand out? Getting our audience to click, share and buy was a big hurdle that took us a lot of time to overcome. But how did we do it? We did a lot of experiments and learned important lessons that we now want to share with you. So we teamed up with our friends from the social start up circulate global to share our top 6 learnings on how to create social impact that amazes customers. We hosted a free webinar and had an amazing time with an engaging discussion with the participants.

Our 6 most important lessons for social impact campaigns:

  1. Personalise impact: show your customer what their own “small step” is.
  2. For the 10% of heavy users: go a step further in showing transparency to gain their trust.
  3. Show the movement: make your customer feel part of the community by showing “our big progress”.
  4. Communication equals conversion: spread your message across all available channels.
  5. Make interaction easy – the simpler the better: the 1-click solution to success.
  6. Your customer is smarter than you (think): make it personal and avoid label overload to gain trust.

Watch our webinar: All the insights, plus a Q&A about social impact campaigns.


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